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I woke this Sunday morning (some call Easter, a time of being reborn), with the realization that I am now ready to feature you all! And please do read that with a Southern accent. Those of you who’ve practiced with me on the mat, or who may have had a drink with me years ago when I was still drinking, know I can have a tendency to go South with my voice. Even though I didn’t grow up there, it’s in my blood going back hundreds of years, & I was born there, so maybe that’s enough for it to slip out during high spells of teaching focus or inebriated un-focus!

So, this is a short post to simply announce that I am very excited to start highlighting those in the EarthWideTribe who are willing to be highlighted. I realize not everyone wants to be public so this will be selective & also individualized. I will adjust how it’s done, & what’s discussed, based on what feels best for each person. No pressure. AND I’d love for YOU to be present here.

This idea started to percolate in me during a discussion with my soul-sistah Tink just before I left NZ this last time, in February this year. She had a friend over who had recently been to a service commemorating the life of a man who had greatly & positively influenced the community. This friend was commenting on the many amazing things people said about the recently deceased. I have noticed how often we don’t say the good things we think & feel about one another–how we’ve grown & evolved from knowing one another–when, perhaps, they could most benefit from them, i.e.–while they’re still alive. So right then & there I said to Tink that one of the things her presence in my life has taught me is the value of relationships. Through being who she is, she has taught me how to show up & to care overtly for others like they are family. Thus, as only children we have come to adopt one another as sisters, or sistahs as I like to spell it.

Of course tears came to my eyes as I said this & they do again as I write it now. It’s a heart breaking experience to admit I love someone. But I’m now willing to break my heart open, & stand in the awkwardness of that, so you may know my love for you.

So you may know how much magic you bring to the world, just by existing.

First up, is my mom/Moom/mum/maman. Without her I wouldn’t exist at all. Obvious as that is, honoring our parents is not all-ways the most automatic, easy or loving thing to do. It can be much of our life’s work to even reach that place…

With great bowls full of gratitude for all of you,

Melissa Elvira

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