Sunday Sessions to Un-Stick You

If you’re reading this you’re interested in showing up on the mat with me in Wellington, New Zealand Sundays 18 March-13 June, 3-5pm. Your main requirement for these sessions is the courage to inquire more deeply into yourSelf, regardless of your seeming level of yoga experience. Our studio location is yet to be determined, but to maintain an intimate focus, numbers will be limited to about 12 people.

You may have heard/read me say in the past how I think of myself as a dentist. You don’t go to the dentist to brush your teeth each day because you take responsibility for your own daily dental maintenance. But you do go to the dentist to get a check-up & possibly a deeper clean or some repair or restructuring work. This is how I prefer to teach now. Most of my core teachings are online & many of you are practicing online with me there! Yay you!

So I expect you’re doing your own maintenance of keeping the spine fluid, the breath flowing, the flexibility & strength of your body at, at least, a good-enough level. However, in person I want to maximize our rare opportunity to go deeper, by doing just that. Yet I also recognize that most of our knots or “issues” will not be untangled or released in one weekend or one 90 minute class. I also recognize that you have a life that likely includes family so taking off for a weekend or week-long retreat is simply unreachable right now. And maybe your particular area isn’t being featured in all the yoga classes, workshops & retreats you have available to you. Or maybe you just want to spend some time with me on the mat & in person again. Yay us!

In this upcoming course, I’m proposing you dedicate a 1/4 of the year–13 weeks–to whatever issue is calling your attention the most. Issue is a good word to investigate:

c. 1300, “an exit,” from Old French issue “a way out, a going out, exit; final event,” from fem. past participle of issir “to go out,” from Latin exire “go out, go forth; become public; flow, gush, pour forth”

I first looked this word up years ago when I was working one-on-one with someone & in the blurb I asked her to write I noticed she used this word maybe half a dozen times & there was a sense of exasperation around it. I looked it up & discovered that, unlike our modern usage that implies an area of stuck-ness, the origin of the word was something on its way out. Just by shifting perspective I felt we had a much stronger lever to unstick the stuckness she’d felt around these “issues”.

If you’re still reading & still interested, then ask yourself, “What’s sticky or stuck in my life? Do I have a “bad” knee/hip/shoulder/relationship/job/emotion/fill-in-the-blank? Or is it that I don’t have a pain issue so much as I feel I’ve plateaued in some way or area & want to up-level mySelf?”

Well then, are you willing & ready to reframe your relationship to this area?

My intention is to set a safe space & supportive community of like-minded folk in which to explore how the body holds story. From there we will learn to be more conscious storytellers, authoring our lives as we imagine & desire & using the yoga practice as a laboratory, a crucible. This doesn’t mean we will spend a lot of time in words, talking things through, rather we will focus on embodying the story & shapeshifting it from that level of physical metaphor.

What do I mean by this? Our 2 hour sessions will run roughly this way:

Having received each person’s “issue story” ahead of time, each session will be dedicated to one story. Ideally you will welcome this rare opportunity to have a highly reduced one-on-one, as well as the energetic leverage of a dozen people dedicated to un-sticking you! If you are not ready to directly receive all that good attention by having me assist you on the mat (which also benefits everyone else by seeing in the body what we are talking about with words), I will be the model or may have a teaching assistant be the model instead. However, there’s nothing like accountability & an audience, especially a kind, supportive audience, to assist you in showing up more fully & courageously for yourSelf, so I do highly encourage you to be brave enough to be seen. I will insist that whatever goes on in the space, stays in the space. This will be a safe, held container for effective evolution. All paws in!

As the Minnesota politician Paul Wellstone said, “We all do better when we all do better.”

So let’s say you’ve been practicing for years yet you still feel scared about heart-opening backbends & in this course you’ve made a commitment to shift into greater enthusiasm & confidence with Camel by Week 13.  Or, another example, you’ve realized that year after year you are in the same job, complaining about the same unsatisfactory circumstances so in these 13 weeks you intend to create a change of either your external circumstances, or change your relationship to them.

Each session will begin with a centering meditation &/or pranayam &/or mantra practice. Then we’ll do a very brief check-in to gauge how each person is going with their self-home practice & where the group energy levels are in the moment. Then we’ll move into warming the body to prepare to go deeper into the focus of that week. We’ll feel in our bodies the practice that is the pinnacle, the plateau-shifter, & then we’ll look at it more closely in one person’s body–ideally the person who has made this their pivot point. Everyone will be supported & encouraged in working at their personal edge. Then we’ll balance & integrate that pivot point with a resting practice like Yoga Nidra, Humming through the Chakras or a drumming meditation.

This is a rough sketch of what I’m imagining. I do reserve the right to change things up so that my intended structure doesn’t impede what actually needs to happen & how it wants to unfold. But I realize you want to have some idea of what you’re getting into, so there’s the rough sketch! 🙂

Priority will be given to those ready to commit to all 13 sessions in advance while drop-ins will be dependent on any spaces made available because a committed practitioner has indicated their absence that week.

Cost is Either $390-420 (a reduction from the drop-in rate of $468 or $36/2 hour session!) if you’re feeling financially flush & want to support a scholarship spot by donating $40-70 to someone who is currently in a less-flush state. You choose on that scale.

Or $350 ($27/2 hour session) if you can only truly afford your own spot just now. All good!

$36/session to drop-in (subject to space)

If you are determined to participate yet don’t see having the full fee, please be in touch to discuss scholarship.

Additionally, I will pass on a 50% off code for all of the online myoga modules to those committed to all 13 weeks, as a means of supporting you in cultivating your self/home-practice. From the start you will have a minimum of 1, & a maximum of 3, home practices to do on the days between sessions. These will be based on your individual stuck story. You will be expected to show up for yourSelf on the mat in between sessions & also in a journal of some sort in order to chronicle your evolution.

Direct any questions or your desire to jump on board to Or feel free to call me to discuss at 021 562 775.

Let this be the year of letting go, going forth and up-levelling!

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