return to the Motherland

In the past year or so I’ve been noticing in the ‘human weather patterns’, as I call them, a return to the Motherland. This might be someone returning, like a salmon or an eel, to her place of birth. Or it might be a literal return to living with his mother–to care for her or be cared for by her, or both. Or it might be a more figurative return to that-which-made-him. I can count off the top of my head at least 10 people I know who have done this, including myself. Here I am, quite unexpectedly, writing from my mother’s home where I’ve been living (in between sojourns to far-strung places & adventures) since January this year.

It feels to me like preparation. Like we’re clearing the debris from the decks, making ourselves more agile & less baggaged, for whatever this next epoch will ask of us. By re-member-ing & repairing relation-ships with Mother–our own personal mother & our collective mother earth–we prepare to set sail on unknown seas.

Nikki McClure print, photographed courtesy of Susanne Ames–thank you!

Have you noticed this at all? In yourSelf or in others? I’m curious to know if you have, as sometimes this earthwidetribe can feel very wide indeed. What do you feel it means? Where do you imagine we’re headed? How is it best to settle our tummies when the seas grow stormy?

22 April is EarthDay. Here in upstate New York, it is Spring & the snow has Finally thawed! I can smell the earth & I can feel it squishing between my toes. New life is springing up from the earth in bright, indomitable green shoots. In the Southern Hemisphere the earth is folding in on itself with fall colours & aromas. Days are dimming, nights are cooling, & humans are doing their best to accept autumn & the approaching winter.

How will you celebrate the life given & the support offered by your mother, your land & our shared planet?

I think I’ll give thanks by planting a tree.

prayer to the Ponderosa
prayer to the Ponderosa
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3 thoughts on “return to the Motherland”

  1. Just watched your show, NOW THAT’S COURAGE. I don’t care who yar. I learn new things everyday, but that was the kicker. I wake up sometimes scared to get out of bed, well this just made me put that demon to his knees, thank you melissa you just made my day!

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