never stop starting

Transformation, the likes of which butterflies know, can be yours for only $490!

Monarch caterpillars becoming butterflies, thanks to imaginal cells

Except that it’ll actually cost you much more. Here’s why…

When I first started a focused regime of yoga practice on my own, I was a very different person than I am today. I’m not saying it’s all due to yoga, but there are certainly many aspects of my personal transformation that are a direct result & benefit of regular practice.

For example, I couldn’t entirely cure my low arches in my feet, but I could learn how to stand consciously so that I actively engage the muscles of my feet & lower legs to minimize the unconscious tendency to collapse through my center, all the way down to my feet. So that’s physical, for sure, & it affects the rest of my physicality, but it also affects how I feel about myself & literally how I stand in the world. Learning to lift my arches has given me a physical reminder of what I’m learning in this lifetime–to bolster & support myself from the inside, to stand up for myself.

And I say learning instead of learned because I am slow (we humans are slow) to change. Which is why I so often repeat the thing I am still learning–trust the longer journey. Have both patience and persistence with yourSelf.

Never stop starting. 

In a few days I am stepping into an advanced teacher training with the only teacher I’ve ever been drawn to study with–Ana Forrest. Since 1996 when I started studying yoga on my own with some regularity, I’ve been more interested in styles of yoga than in specific teachers. I’ve also been very wary of guru-cultures & the tendency to aggrandize one person. So this is a first for me.

Now I am poised to experience beginner’s mind without even having to try. I know I don’t know. I know I am not ready. In the past I would learn as much as I possibly could so that I would feel “ahead” & then the training would be an affirmation, a top-up, a way of engaging with others in the practice, but it wouldn’t be where I would actually do the training. I joked to my partner the other week,

“I’m not competitive; I just don’t like losing.”

And not being ahead was like losing to me. So I stand here, all ready to step into something I know I am very definitely not ahead on, at least in terms of the physical practice. I know there are postures I have never done before. I know there are ways of transitioning between these amazing contorted poses that I have never even tried. And I have no idea if I will come away from this training feeling like I do know. More likely it’s going to be an introduction to these things that I will then need to create time, space & motivation to continue to befriend on my own afterwards, & on into the future.

This is what I mean by the cost of something actually costing quite a lot more. It will cost me in time, in space, & in the energy to get on the mat & stay on the mat each time I do manage to get there.

To foster systemic change, we need to be willing to invest in the dream & trust that it’s an investment worth making. And we need to be willing to grow in ways we might only know through imagination.

The cells in caterpillars that turn them into butterflies are apparently called imaginal cells! This is a great video that shows how we can emulate this amazing choice in the very face of doubt & doom. To transform beyond what we know, & the very person we know ourselves to be, we have to dive off into the void.

Let me backtrack a little, as that sounds like an awful lot! At the base of it, taking on a practice like yoga or meditation or–better yet–a yoga practice that is meditation in motion, requires not just the money for the training, but also the time, space & dedication to continue to show up for yourSelf. To never stop starting.

Right now this training I’m about to do is one I have wanted to do for many years (about 6 actually), but I couldn’t afford it. It meant a flight overseas, accommodation, food, ground transport, time off work, in addition to the base cost of the course–all of which is in a currency that is not to my economic advantage! It’s a substantial investment in mySelf that I simply could not manage before now. But what I could manage was to do little bits of training from her book & CD practice set. That would never get me as far as the physical immersion I am about to step into, but it helped prepare me mentally, physically & emotionally for it.

I could have given up many times in exasperation with myself for not progressing very far in the self-practice through her CD set, but then I would have done nothing except to pay for them to sit on my shelf! Somehow I did not give up entirely & I continued to come back to them over the 8 years I’ve had them. I didn’t give up on mySelf. Each time I show up on the mat, I learn more about the practices, but, more crucially, I learn more about mySelf. Each time, no matter how long it’s been, I consider it a victory.

It’s from this realization that systemic changes take time, that I have changed the way MYOGA Freedom is structured. We started out last year as a subscription service, but have recently shifted instead to where you pay outright for lifetime access. (To clarify–The videos remain streaming for intellectual property rights, but your access to them is for as long as you choose to engage with them. Should the website go away, the practices will then become downloadable to those who’ve purchased them.)

In this way, you’re one step closer to making the changes in yourSelf that empower & liberate you. It’s such a phenomenal feeling of victory when you do manage to show up on the mat after days, weeks, months or even years of intending to…

So, since it’s going to cost you more in resources in the long run!, I’d like to give you a discount of $50 USD off the Seasons Package I mentioned at the very start. As a thank you for being part of this earthwidetribe & as motivation to get started, & never stop starting :). If you’re reading this because you got the email notice, you’ll have already received that discount code. If you’re not yet on my emailing list, go here for a free Seasons practice that’s waiting for you to test out, and you’ll get access to that discount there. Once you’re on my emailing list, another free practice will be sent to you next week as we launch the Basics module! So you have choices.

Whatever you choose, may you experience greater freedom to unfold in your life!

ROYALTY FREE Stock Photo: Monarch Butterfly on a Mexican Sunflower Image ID: 57609622 Copyright: James Laurie
Monarch Butterfly on a Mexican Sunflower, Copyright James Laurie

Here’s Sue’s take on it:

“The MYOGA seasonal practices are truly transformational. It doesn’t happen fast, but if you stick with it, over the years you’ll see incredible change in yourself. The first year my body was transformed by the challenge of practicing consistently – this came as improved strength, better posture, alignment, body awareness. The second year my mind got more of a work out and transformation – improved concentration, focus, and a sense of control over myself and my choices. And then in the third year, I felt those benefits as a transformation of spirit – this expresses itself as happiness and contentment, no more low-level anxiety. I started these practices when I was 50, and I can honestly say at 54 I feel stronger, younger, and more vibrant and vital than I’ve felt in my life!”

Sue Kerr
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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2 thoughts on “never stop starting”

  1. Well, I didn’t expect to see myself quoted at the end of this article, but I’m so pleased I was!! And in a lovely act of symmetry, today I stepped back onto my mat for the first time in quite a while (ahem, months) and did the early Spring practice. I have not lost much tone or strength at all, perhaps because I am in the habit of standing and sitting and walking as if I were in class. I started again today because I felt I was getting a wee bit out of touch with my body, and that is just not how I want to live — I want to really live inside this body and asana practice is the best way I know to make sure that happens. I hope you have a wonderful time at the training. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. XX

    1. Fantastic Sue–thank you for chiming in & it would have been good of me to double check you were happy with your testimonial from the website being posted elsewhere. I appreciate your flexibility! I just came out of a class myself & am reminded once again that my answers (& there have been many questions in this sabbatical year of questioning everything about yoga) are pretty much all-ways found back on the mat, in the practice. And yes, I’m curious to see how it goes next week too! Mox

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