choosing Orgasmic Birth

The (r)evolution of humanity, in my humble view, is obvious.

It’s consciousness. It’s awareness.

This is our next, perhaps final, frontier. We’ve conquered land, as it were, and now what’s left to “conquer” is ourSelves. Go bravely where no wo/man has gone before, because s/he can’t, because only you can! As I say to my students on the mat, “You’re the only one in there! And half the time even you’ve wandered off.” Come home to yourSelf.

So, begin with the only person you can really, fully address and transform, ever–yourSelf.  First comes self-awareness, LOVE.

Then comes MARRIAGE–intimate relationship awareness (not necessarily literal marriage). Learning how to stay awake & aware in one-to-one situations that involve opening your heart and soul to another at microscopic range. Can we stay in Love, in self-awareness, as the chief-of-all-monsters, Fear, rears its prickly head?

Then comes BABY in the baby carriage!  How do we apply awareness/consciousness to creating the next generation? From conscious conception–meaning not just choosing to have a baby because the relationship needs a boost or the job/house/car have been secured & this is the next step we’re supposed to take. Meaning, from consciousness of our own patterns & with patience & awareness we’ve gone through a profound process of re-parenting & re-birthing ourSelves. (Keeping in mind that we’re all-ways in process, so these levels of awareness are continuums, not final resting places, right?)

Do you know your conception story? Do you know how you came into being–was it a conscious choice? Were there drugs involved at your conception? I haven’t looked, but I wonder if there are any statistics on how many conceptions occur with alcohol. Women know to look after themselves in very pure & caring ways during gestation. When I’ve worked with women, including myself, wanting to conceive, I’ve encouraged them to treat themselves like their own child. Without a thought or question, women will stop dying their hair, drinking, smoking, being in toxic environments & will make their diets consciously healthy. And yet why don’t we treat ourselves with the same love & respect, care & concern, that we do a growing fetal child? How often are we downright violent to ourSelves?

Then there’s Birthing. I’m particularly intrigued by ecstatic or orgasmic birth & thrilled about this online orgasmic birth conference coming up next week. Talk about revolutionary! Have you heard of this option? How many women do you know who’ve experienced an ecstatic birth? Birth seems so often couched in, & crowded by, medical terminology & intervention, which is fortunate when needed, & not when it’s not. There are no guarantees. Yet I’d rather make the expansive & loving choice of orgasmic birth & have to swerve into the safety net of medical support, when clearly needed, than gestate & birth from a place of fear.  As one friend said, “Everyone loves orgasms!” Imagine coming into the world from that wild opening into love…

Then there’s the lifelong privilege of parenting.

“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.” C. Everett Koop

These are our people! These are our species, our future. How we care for them (from even the very thought or conception of them), is how we live. I had the privilege of being at a very dear friend’s first birthing, as a sort of novice doula. Amazing. Her midwife said, “We birth as we live.” I’d take that & extend it from birth onwards–we live as we parent–ourselves, our children, one another. The word parent comes from a very old Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root, pare, meaning “to bring forth.” So we might consider bringing forth the very essence of ourSelves & one another, which at its core can be love itself.

We are one species, spread across this magnificent globe that patiently supports our, often unconscious, ways. You’ve likely heard of the 7th generation thinking of First Nations? Of making decisions with the awareness of the next 7 generations? Imagine if we did that? We may not be able to change political systems right now, but we can change ourSelves right now. The next big decision you have to make, imagine how it might ripple forward in time & space from the truth of you in this moment.

Just imagine it–imagine if even only 10% of the population went through this revolution of awareness. Our world would be a different place. (In fact, perhaps you can feel that this is already happening?) And why is this simple shift so revolutionary? Because it’s so obvious as to be ignored altogether. Control reproduction & you control all, you control primal health, as Michel Odent terms it. You control a woman’s sense of her own Supa Powas–creating new life based on the wisdom of her own Self.

I say, Supa Powas activate! Let’s awake & arise to our right to love, intimacy, & an ecstatic way of being & co-creating this amazing world!

Supa Powas Activate!
Supa Powas Activate!




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2 thoughts on “choosing Orgasmic Birth”

  1. Love, love this…..Have been a “doula assistant” for 6-7 home births with dear friends…the last being a water birth. One of the highest energies I have ever experienced. Being in the flow….knowing where my energies needed to flow….a sacred dance. Love the idea of “Orgasmic” birthing! Thank you for sharing. ♥*´¨`*•.¸ॐ¸.•*´¨`*♥

    1. Thank you for your comment Richard! Great to hear of your experiences as a doula (assistant), particularly as it seems to be a predominantly female trade. Here’s to more conscious birthing for women & men!

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